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Name:Corrine Bertrand
Birthdate:Jun 9
Location:Metropolis, Delaware, United States of America
Website:Merlynne's Bio
When my body wants to go
Tell me will my mind and soul
Live on and on forever
Am I on another level?
A learning vessel of several
Lessons to make me more clever

--Imogen Heap Sweet Religion

The only difference between fiction and fact is something you can put your hands on.

"Defining good and evil as 'theologically based principles' is an insult to the concepts. It's much more than that. It's more primitive. It's got more guts than that. Good and evil was always there even before the first act of the world. Before theology, before religion, before faith.

"Comparing selfish and evil, and selfless and good, gives the impression that either can be defined or confined to an act. Evil goes much deeper than an evil act. It goes as far back as the first evil thought, and maybe even any outward causes that initiated that line of thinking. Not saying 'satan' or 'demons' or 'evil spirits'-- that would release people from all responsibility. But just that evil begets more evil when it comes to humanity.

"To suggest that motivation should create a foundation for judgment isn’t fair, either. They go even farther than intention. Intention is just too widely justified in the eye of the right-- or wrong-- person. Evil acts can be committed with the best of 'intentions'. All intentions are are our designations of our actions-- what we say they are. Mostly because no one can know our intentions but God.

"He alone sees into the hearts of man. Humans aren't priviledged enough for that. Intention is all based on the inner eye, so how can we begin to expect to judge evil or good against our fellow man if an inward classification is our basis? Why do we want an answer to good and evil? Because we feel like there has to be a reason for good and evil, and there doesn't. If there's a reason, maybe we can control it. But good and evil happen without purpose or direction millions of times every day. There isn't an answer because there isn't a reason or concrete logic."

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