Jan. 8th, 2006

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The keys jingle in the lock as Corrine opens the door to her apartment. Kinsey and Ninnyhammer are waiting patiently by the door as she steps inside, and she drops her bag, picking up Ninny and cuddling her as she walks towards the answering machine.

The red blinking light indicating messages is nowhere to be seen, and she unconsciously breathes a sigh of relief. The little kitten curls in her arms, burying her head against Corrine's shirt. "Hey, baby. Missed you, too," she coos, giving the cat a little scritch on the head before putting her down.

It's been a long, long two months. She's not sure where to start putting her life back together... it's like picking up your belongings after a tornado. Some things are salvagable, others aren't, others you just realize you didn't want in the first place. She's used to this by now, though-- story of her life. Pick up the pieces, start anew. Pick up the pieces, start anew. Pick up the pieces, have a good long bender about it all, start anew.

She showers, eats, and tends to the apartment. The cats are fed, the catpan is clean, and there's a box on her couch full of Caleb's clothes and various other belongings he's left at her place.

There was no small feeling of regret as she packed the box. He needed her right now, and she needed to not be around him. There was just too much that had happened, and she wasn't sure how she felt about all of it besides being angry. That would have to pass first before anything else.

Corrine had decided at some point over the last few days that she was going back to Kenton. It was cheaper than the apartment in downtown Metropolis, it was secluded and quiet, and the house had been sitting empty for too long. From there, she'd work out what next.

Humming to herself, she begins to pack boxes.


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